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Shopping for the Best Credit Card


Although it's wise to pay off all your credit card debt, it's also practical to have one or two good credit cards.

When you travel or want to order something online, it makes good sense to have a credit card. Plus, using your card responsibly will positively contribute to your credit score.

But which card is the best? The answer can be found in which one best meets your own personal needs. The best credit card for someone else may not be the best one for you.

Use these strategies to help you determine which card may best meet your needs:

1.Choose a credit card that has no monthly fee.Never pay a monthly fee just to have a credit card.

2.Avoid a variable interest rate credit card. A variable interest rate credit card has fluctuating interest rates over which you have no control. Make an effort to get a credit card with a fixed interest rate.

3.Read the fine print. Even though the fine print "legalese" is difficult to decipher, it's important to be on the lookout for hidden fees and charges.

4.See what's in it for you. When you're selecting a credit card, focus on those that either give you cash back, credit toward travel awards, or reward points toward free items - whichever perk you feel you would get the most benefit or enjoyment from.

Shopping for the best credit card takes time and patience.Protect yourself and your financial life by taking every precaution when selecting your credit card. Discover the freedom of using just one good credit card, paying it off monthly, and enjoying its rewards.

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