Client Testimonial

Leenor Amar

Minetonka , MN

Great attention to detail & answered every question.

“Credilife™”helped me tremendously to not only improve my credit score quickly, but they are also passionate about teaching people the importance of credit and the many steps we can do as conusmers to improve our credit by lowering debt, and many other aspects of the credit wheel.  I am very happy with my results.  They were very patient with me, answersed all my questions and didnt hesitate to follow up with me even after I had paid off the fee they charge.  That is great service and I highly recommend them to anyone.  I didnt need what they call "credit repair", but i did want to get my credit to a certain score and they worked with me very closely to do so.  So they will gladly help anyone with any kind of credit goals. They are AWESOME!!

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