Client Testimonial

Thomas Slupske

Crystal, Minnesota

Credit repair recommendation. Suggestions? Modifications? - 

It’s almost like one day I awoke from a bad-dream and realized I had bad credit. Ugh! I didn’t intend to have bad credit; no one deliberately wants bad credit. But, here I was in mid-life with bad credit.  That was not where I expected to be in this stage of life.

Bad credit prevented me from buying, stopped me from going places. Collection calls consumed me; I was afraid to answer the phone. Callers would yell at me what a bad person I was. Maybe they were right.  I thought I was a good person in a bad situation.  I could never get ahead with credit card payments due to high interest rates.  One step forward but three back. I made payments but the balance increased more than what I just paid. I was depressed with no confidence in my abilities.

What’s next? Bankruptcy?  After trying and trying on my own I needed help. But who? I talked to a lawyer but couldn’t afford their fees. Credit repair companies? There are so many and I’ve heard about scams. Who to trust?

I knew a few people in financial services and asked for a resource. Thankfully, one of my contacts had a brother who helped people like me. I called. We talked. He provided a plan, a way out. A way to a better future.

Chris Kruger, CREDILIFE.

I followed Chris’s advice. He did everything he said he would do, and more. One aspect was to be patient.

Several months later I’m in a lot better situation thanks to Chris. Many of the ‘dings’ on my credit have been deleted. I’ve been able to buy a new car with a low interest rate. I’m not afraid to answer the phone. Chris is still fighting for me.

For those of you, like me, who are sick and tired of always being depressed because of bad credit Chris may be able to help you too.

I’m honored to recommend Chris Kruger, CREDILIFE 612-444-3404

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